A Gift Card Makes a Perfect Mother’s Day Gift, and Here’s Why

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and while you may have heard that a gift card is tacky, they are much more appreciated than you think. While she may drop hints here and there about things she would appreciate when asked, most moms will simply respond with, “I don’t need a thing!”

And while she might not need anything, it’s always nice to have some show of appreciation. And while the pandemic might still be keeping you away from big parties and celebrations, you don’t have to forgo taking her out. Gift cards are a perfect way to ensure that she gets what she genuinely wants or what you think she deserves.

3 Reasons Your Mother Will Appreciate a Gift Card More than You Think

Sure, giving the right gift card takes a bit of extra thought. But when you’re able to pick one out that the receiver will genuinely enjoy, it makes the perfect gift. Especially if you aren’t able to get together with Mom. Here’s why you want to consider a gift card for your mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Moms Enjoys the Simple Gestures

Your mom will tell you she loves anything you give her, and when you’re young, those handmade goodies mean the absolute world to her. As you get older, it can be hard to find that perfect gift that shows her just how much you love and admire her. So, instead of getting her another coffee mug or tumbler, which may sit on the shelf collecting dust, why not consider a gift card to her favorite shop?

Better yet, make it local. Her favorite coffee shop around the corner, or a small boutique. Gift cards give your mom the opportunity to pick something she really wants and will use. Take some extra time to investigate your options and select a gift card to a place she frequents. Just make sure to specify that she spend the gift card on herself – not anyone else.

2. Mom Deserves Time to Enjoy Herself

Breakfast in bed and a day with the family is a perfect Mother’s Day. However, a gift card keeps giving because she can do it on her time. Sometimes the best gifts are when mom has time to herself, or with friends. And while Mother’s Day might not be the best time, a gift card allows Mom to decide when she can.

This Mother’s Day, treat her to a night out with a gift card to her favorite restaurant. If she loves good BBQ, then a Chad’s BBQ gift card would be perfect! Or maybe get her a gift card for drinks with her friends. Just time to remind her she is more than just a Mom but a wonderful person that deserves a good time.

3. Mom Can Use a Break

All of us need a little self-care but that can come in many forms. While your scented candle and bath bombs might have the right intention, maybe consider something different this year. Instead, gift her a spa day or a visit to her favorite nail salon.

One step further, maybe even get her a gift card for a cleaning service or lawn care. Things that give her time back to relax and do other things besides chores around the house. That way, she can genuinely unwind.

Celebrate Your Mom on Her Special Day

Yeah, gift cards get a bad rep. They seem impersonal and like you aren’t really considering who she is – however, that’s if you just give her money. It isn’t about the amount, but the thought that goes into what she wants. Listen to her. Many times mother’s put off buying what they want for the family. Even if it is for her to buy herself some good books, it’s about making it personal. So, whether it’s a gift card to her favorite store or one to Chad’s BBQ (wink wink) – the options are endless!

Did we mention Mom’s love Chad’s BBQ? It’s a great way for the family together over a delicious meal. Because in the end, we make our food with love and that’s what Mother’s Day is all about.