Movies for Miracles

Movies for MiraclesThis past year, Chad’s BBQ had the honor to participate in a particular event that was near and dear to us. We were happy to host not one, but two Movies for Miracles this year. Kristi Neidhardt and Team of the Century 21 New Millenium Company helped organize these fundraisers. Many might recognize that at Chad’s wife. It was amazing to see the community come together for these family-friendly evenings. Here is a little more about the charities we were supporting.

Megan Hughes’ Battle Against Colon Cancer

Our first Movies for Miracles took place on May 20, 2016. This night was to sponsor a woman in her fight against cancer. Megan Hughes’ family created a Go Fund Me account to assist with enormous medical costs. Recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer, Megan reported that doctors discovered a rare and aggressive tumor. For a chance at recovery, chemotherapy, and experimental treatment is needed. Unfortunately, insurance did not cover the treatment. In addition, Megan will be expected to take months off work to recover.

So, to honor her and help raise money, we invited folks to enjoy refreshments, snacks, and a movie. We played The Sandlot. Through the proceeds of that evening, we were able to contribute $3,000 to fund Megan’s long battle ahead.

Mission 14

The second Movies for Miracles was on September 23, 2016. That night everyone gathered in support of the Mission 14 charity. Mission 14 is an organization whose goal is to end human trafficking throughout the world. They believe that human trafficking is a form of modern-day slavery that degrades all humanity. Mission 14 is embarking on a new model of fundraising. They have created world-record breaking mountain trekking expeditions. Their 6 SMovies for Mircalesummits Challenge is moving mountains to not only educate and raise awareness but to stop this exploitation where it begins and to keep it from spreading locally and around the world.

Goonies was the movie selection that night. The event included refreshments and a silent auction. All proceeds gathered totaled over $4,700 and exceeded the team’s fundraising goals!


A Celebration of Life

Our Movies for Miracles events are truly a celebration of life. Families gather to sit under the stars and share laughs and memories, all for a great cause. Furthermore, The Kristi Neidhardt Team is super pleased with the results and outpouring of support from the community. Chad’s BBQ feels honored to host these events. Moving forward, we are planning on continuing this tradition; twice a year, in the spring and the fall.