Why Smoke-Roasted Veggies Pair Perfectly with Smoked Meats

Are you in search of the perfect side dish to go with your smoked meats? Many people think of traditional side dishes like pork and beans or mac and cheese. But smoke-roasted veggies may be the secret ingredient you have been looking for to round out your plate. Veggies can be the perfect pair for your smoked meats with a similar flavor profile and a healthy touch. So if you want to make your next meal magnificent, you should think about adding some veggies to that smoker!

Similar Flavor Profiles

No one would say that smoked meats and smoke-roasted veggies have the same taste. But something is comforting about having a similar flavor profile. Both veggies and meats will have that same smoky undertone to them that you and your guests will love.

Picture the caramelized edges of your meat and veggies to get the whole picture. The flavors of your meat and side dishes will pair beautifully together with minimal effort for you as the host. Before you prepare, think about how you season your meats and vegetables, as well. For example, you might marinate your smoked chicken in garlic and olive oil. So you should consider adding similar flavorings to your vegetables.

Deciding How to Smoke

There are many debates about whether you should go for charcoal or wood grilling. However, veggies are delicious with a hint of wood smoke. You may be smoking your side dishes over a wood fire. If you aren’t, adding a few hardwood pieces to your smoker can be beneficial.

To do this, create a small foil pouch with your hardwood chunks. Then, simply poke a few holes in the foil and add it to your smoker. This will help you get the flavor profile you are looking for with smoke-roasted veggies.

Beautiful Plating

Most people focus on why the taste of smoked veggies pairs beautifully with smoked meat (and we are with you on that). However, a nice side note is how these present. If you are careful when selecting which vegetables you cook, you can have a plate with a colorful burst. Consider all of the following colorful possibilities:Smoked-Raosted Veggies

  • Purple eggplant
  • Red onions
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Green broccoli
  • White cauliflower

A combination of vegetables will make your plate of meats and veggies really stand out. Make sure to mix and match some of these colors to create a pleasing aesthetic.

Healthy Options with Smoke-Roasted Veggies

It’s no secret that smoking your meat is a much healthier alternative to other cooking methods like frying. There is a good chance that you choose meats high in protein content and low in fat to smoke. Some fat also tends to drip out of the meat during smoking. The grade and cut of meat will also play a role in the health value of your meal.

To complement your smoked meats, include vegetables to offer an additional punch of the nutrients that your body needs. They can make a well-rounded meal for your taste buds as well as your health. Many vegetables that are great for smoking are chock full of vital nutrients and vitamins. These include vitamin A in carrots and vitamin K in broccoli.

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