3 Helpful Winter Grilling Tips From Chad’s

Here at Chad’s we love BBQ. And, whether it is 100 degrees or 30 degrees, we are outside smoking delicious meats. We are fortunate for that here in the Chesapeake Region. While we see our fair share of snow, for the most part, our winters are moderate. That means you do not have to put away your grill during this time of year. For many, grilling is a year-round sport. We have some great winter grilling tips to help you enjoy delicious food hot off the grill, no matter the temperature outside!

1. Safety First

  • It gets dark early, and there may be icy conditions in the winter.
  • Make sure to keep an ice-free path between your home and the grill.Tips for grilling in the winter
  • Always keep your grill brushed free of snow.
  • Also, make sure there is sufficient light. You may even use a flashlight that fits on the handle of the grill.
  • Keep all accessories stored safely in the house during the winter.
  • If you are bundled up to stay warm, take a minute to tuck in your scarf or other loose accessories on your coat. That way nothing dangles over the grill and possibly catching fire.
  • Remember that while they are warm, snow gloves are not cooking gloves. They are in no way heat or fire proof. Always wear heat resistant gloves when operating your grill.

2. Trust Your Grill

Avoid the temptation to keep peeking at what’s going on underneath the lid. Use a timer, and thermometer and lift the lid as little as possible. That way, temperatures stay consistent, ensuring proper cook times.

3. Check Your Fuel

It is important to have extra fuel on hand during the winter months. However, the storage is crucial. Keep charcoal in a cool, dry area protected from snow. Also, if using charcoal you may need extra. It burns quicker in colder, windy weather. For gas grilling, you must remember to preheat with all burners on high for at least 15 minutes. Keep a spare tank of gas so that you do not run out. Store it in the garage if possible that way you avoid exposing it to chilly winds and frigid temperatures.

Chad’s BBQ believes that great BBQ does not have a “season,” and should be enjoyed all year long. So, follow these¬†3 helpful winter grilling tips, and you will be cooking up something delicious no matter the temperature!