BBQ Lovers Gift-Giving Guide

Wondering what to buy for the meathead in your life this holiday season? Why not surprise the outdoor cook with one of these gifts for BBQ lovers? Not only are they the perfect presents to make them happy, but you will also eat better as a result! Here is a BBQ Lovers Gift-Giving Guide chock full of helpful hints.

New Grill/Smoker

Is your grillmaster’s main tool on its last legs, literally? It’s true that the pit master forms an intimate bond with his or her grill. However, it should not come at the cost of safety or unevenly cooked food. While it may take a bit of time getting accustomed to the nuances of a new grill or smoker, it will be worth it in the end. There are so many options at various price points, from simple to complicated that real challenge is narrowing down the options! Consider first whether your favorite chef is a true open flame, sear the meat kinda cook or slow and low BBQ smoking kinda cook. That is at least a good place to start shopping.

BBQ Lovers Gift-Giving GuideCarving Knives

What good is the ideal piece of meat if it is not perfectly carved from the outset? Creating the right cut makes all the difference. It also enhances the meat once cooked. Therefore the right tools are essential. Carving knives can be pricey, but worth every penny.

Grilling Utensils

The essential grilling tool just got an upgrade. Gone are the days of using the grill solely to cook up hamburgers and hot dogs for the family. Folks are taking advantage of the healthy cooking method to create all sorts of tasty and creative options from fish to fruit. Why not pick up a grilling basket, perfect for grilling fish and fruits and veggies? Or a silicone basting brush, which adds flavor without leaving bristles behind. Have fun with a custom branding iron, allowing your outdoor chef extraordinaire to add a custom signature to a creative dish.


Meat spices and rubs are usually a highly guarded secret among grill masters. Some like to create their own, while others swear by certain brands. While they may never reveal their secrets, you can still help inspire creative cooking. Purchase a variety of spices and rubs and help stock up your meathead’s spice cabinet.

Chad’s Gift Card

Whether your BBQ lover is an active grill master or simply appreciates tasty meat grilled right, there is one gift they will all love: Chad’s Gift Card’s. This year treat your BBQ lover to a delicious meal. We take the time to make BBQ the right way. The result is a menu filled with mouthwatering, lip smacking, finger licking ribs, ribs burgers and more!  It is the perfect way to spread cheer and joy the whole year through!

Hopefully, this BBQ Lovers Gift-Giving Guide has given you some great hints! BBQ is a passion of ours, and from one meathead to another we know and love good food and great times. Contact us today for all the details.