Chad's Rib and Chicken Platter BBQ is a Way of Life

Chad’s Rib and Chicken Platter BBQ

BBQ is a Way of Life

For the pitmaster, BBQ is not a recipe. BBQ is a way of life: a tried and true method. From carefully selecting the ideal cut and type of meats to taking the time to custom mix and taste test the perfect dry rubs to then spending hours carefully stoking fires and encouraging the meat. The result has been compared to something close to a religious experience for both pitmaster and BBQ eaters alike.

The method the pitmaster chooses is one of high contention. But once the master has perfected his method, this marriage often outlives husbands and wives, and will often accompany the master to the grave. And just like good marriages that last, most of the techniques are similar, but there are always a few secrets that are best kept hidden.

Chad’s is no exception. Our sauces, rubs, and methods are highly guarded secrets, resulting in the best BBQ the Annapolis area has to offer. So many times folks ask Chad, our pit boss, how he makes his BBQ. Most of the time he will only answer with a slight chuckle, a smile, and a nod.

Our Secret

Best Wings in Annapolis - Chad's BBQ is a Way of Life

Governor’s Wings – Voted Best Wings

We will, however, reveal that standard procedure we use to cook our ribs is the 3-2-1 method. Now, this is not something we made up, it is a practice pit bosses either revere or detest. We are here to attest that we love this approach and believe it is the reason our ribs are so delicious.

The secret that is no real secret, and the key to succulent ribs is not to rush them, and to NEVER, NEVER, NEVER (did we mention NEVER) boil the ribs before putting them on the grill or in the smoker.

The Prep

We start with only the best cut of baby back ribs that we order from a small family farm. We never use mystery meat that is mass-produced in a commercial, industrial setting. The ribs are first lightly patted (not rubbed) with our special blend of seasonings. Chad will personally stoke the smoker to get it to the perfect temperature. Now the real magic begins.

The 3-2-1 Method

3. The ribs are smoked for 3 hours in the ideal environment, with the right amount of humidity and smoke, imparting the exact amount of flavor into the meat.

2. The ribs are then spritzed with our secret liquid and wrapped in aluminum foil to cook for 2 hours more. This phase accelerates the breakdown of connective tissue which results in a tender product.

1. To finish the ribs, they are unwrapped for 1 hour of cooking. At this time, the ribs pick up the perfect amount of char, also known as bark.

6 Hours of Love
Chad's Rib Bone - BBQ is a Way of Life

Chad’s Rib Bone

All told, our ribs take a total of six painstaking hours from prep to plate, but our customers certainly appreciate the mouthwatering creation. They are always tender, never mushy; perfectly juicy slightly firm. And the flavor? Oh boy.

So the next time you ask your pit master about his methods, graciously accept the smile and nod in good faith, dig in and enjoy the BBQ experience. Still haven’t tried our ribs? You will now, and with one bite you will instantly understand how BBQ is a way of life.