Superheroes need sidekicks too!Good Meals Made Super by Great Side Dishes

What is the perfect meal? A delicious combination of a carefully prepared main dish accompanied by meticulously selected great side dishes. Consider the famous superhero and his fearless sidekick; the ideal dynamic duo, one cannot survive without the other. Sides can elevate a dish or drag it down. And just like the quiet, unassuming sidekick who is happy to let the hero be front and center, we all know the side dish is often the one responsible for saving the day.

It has been said that good meals are made better by great side dishes. Here at Chad’s, we couldn’t agree more. We have taken great care to create amazing side dishes that accompany our main dishes. Our philosophy is that we give so much time and attention in preparing, smoking and cooking magnificent meats that we would never want the side dishes to leave you feeling flat. Here are famous hero duos that we love and how their spirited relationships can inspire food pairings.

Batman and Robin (The Most Obvious Choice)

Baby Back Ribs and Cole Slaw. All we need to do is say it and in one instant our mouths are watering. There is no stronger BBQ duo than these two. Our ribs are painstakingly prepared over 6 hours and are a saucy, smoky, tender creation worthy of our creamy, crispy coleslaw. It is indeed super when the sauces blend. Holy piquantness Batman!

Sherlock and Watson (Intellectual & Level Headed)

Our housemade pickles and soft bread already partner up with the Alabama Half Chicken. Ordering a side of collard greens is the smart choice. Seasoned and slowly simmered, our collards add the right touch to the chicken. Consider the pickle juice, the Alabama white BBQ sauce, and the greens as an excellent combination of flavors to enhance the smoky tender chicken. It seems elementary to save the bread till the end to sop up your plate at the end.

Sponge Bob and Patrick (Goofy Goobers)

Sponge Bob and Patrick certainly know how to have fun! Feeling in a giddy mood? Why not try our North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich and Baked Beans. The sandwich’s spicy vinegar sauce is the perfect partner for the sweeter baked beans. Therefore, this relationship, just like SpongeBob and Patrick never judges, always forgives, never passes on a fart joke, and will last a lifetime.

Maverick and Goose (Wild and Daring)

Chad’s Sampler already a wild choice featuring three of our favorite meat choices accompanied by pickles, onions and a slice of doughy bread. Go one step further, be daring, and add a side of mac and cheese. Our mac and cheese is creamy and savory. Adding it to the sampler is like a 4G Inverted Dive with a Mig 28 – life changing.

Han Solo and Chewbacca (Bandits of the Universe)

These two are that dynamic duo where it’s hard to pinpoint who is more super, with the two often switching roles. We have chosen the Kielbasa and the salted potatoes as most alike Han and Chewy. What is Kielbasa? It is a funny word (not unlike Chewbacca), which is Polish for sausage. While many people may not have thought of trying this sausage with an unusual name, but we encourage you to expand your horizons. Add the salted potatoes and a little mustard and your taste buds are sure to travel through hyperspace.

Scooby and Shaggy (Food Fiends)

Just like Scooby and Shaggy, we cannot think right when hungry. At this point, any combination of anything we can eat will hit the spot. Don’t reach for the Scooby Snacks, but try a burger and fries. Our burger is piled-high with delicious toppings.  Shaggy and the Scoobs would dive into it instantly. Our Fries are golden, hot and crisp with a sprinkling of salt, made even better with our homemade Crazy Sauce. Jinkies, the Burger and Fries are THE quintessential food pairing.

These are a few super combos pairing fantastic meaty mains with great side dishes. Another plus? They are all available for takeout, too! Why not stop by and grab a family meal or pick up a few great side dishes to take along to a potluck.