5 Ways to Mess Up When Grilling Burgers

Whether you’re using a wagyu beef patty or a store-bought frozen burger, there’s always a chance to mess up when grilling burgers. If you think about it, the process looks easy. But it’s this simplicity that makes it so effortless to screw up. For this reason, I’m putting a spotlight on these common mistakes. It’ll save you from having to go through them later.

What NOT to Do When Grilling Burgers

With burger season just around the corner, the pressure can be quite daunting. All your friends and family are expecting fantastic weekends of backyard barbecues. And what better way to spend Saturdays than grilling for them?

However, your guests won’t want to stick around if you serve them burnt burgers. Here are five foolproof ways of how NOT to cook great burgers.

1. Using the Wrong Beef

Store-bought frozen burgers will save you time. However, it’s not always a good option unless you’re in a hurry. Weekend burger parties are more memorable if you make the patties yourself.

Going for lean meat may seem like a great idea, but it’s one sure-fire way of getting a rubbery patty. Instead, go for 80/20 ground chuck to achieve burgers that are rich and juicy. Burger day gives you an excuse to cheat on your diet, so it’s okay to indulge in some honest-to-goodness juiciness.

2. Flippin’ for the Sake of It

It’s the weekend, and your friend calls to ask what you’re up to. You tell him, “I’m just chillin’ and flippin’ burgers.” Sounds cool, right?

But you shouldn’t flip like crazy when you’re cooking burgers. Turning them over and over is one of the biggest mistakes most people make. Remember that burgers are simple to cook, so flipping each once should be enough.

If you incessantly flip the meat, you’ll end up with a dry and tough burger. Plus, you won’t get that crisp, caramelized crust. Or worse, the patty would break apart.

3. Letting the Burgers Burn

When you accidentally burn the burgers, you can get away by saying that they’re chargrilled, not burnt. Who are you fooling, though? A burnt burger smells awful and tastes bitter – not the kind of food people rave about.

If you’re new to grilling, a meat thermometer is your savior. It will help prevent overcooking your burgers and will make you look like a pro, too.

4. Pressing Down the Meat

The urge to press down the burgers is hard to resist. If you think that doing so will make the burgers juicy, you’re mistaken.

When you keep pressing down, you’re taking away the flavors from the burgers. That’s why it’s considered a mortal sin in grilling burgers. Plus, releasing these juices will make your patties stick to the grill, making it hard to do the final flip.

5. Stacking in the Wrong Order

Placing veggies underneath the patty can make it messy to eat – think Big Mac. Unless you want to make your guests struggle, stack each burger in the right order – from heaviest to lightest. Always start with the patties before adding vegetables. Then top it with light greens like lettuce or arugula.

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