BBQ and Beer Pairings

It’s no secret that we love BBQ and beer. We might even admit that the love borders on obsession. It is a subject we can discuss for hours. And, we feel there is nothing better on the planet than perfect BBQ and beer pairings. While one can argue that simply put, pairing any beer and any BBQ is divine, we have put together a guide featuring some of our favorites.

dark beer hand - BBQ and Beer PairingsWings and Pilsner

Our customers have told us that we have the best wings in the area, and we appreciate the compliment! Make the best chicken wings even better by pairing them with a Pilsner. The crisp, light and citrusy notes of this brew is a wonderful companion to the saucy, fried chicken wings. We suggest the Oskar Blues Mama’s Yellow Pils.

Brisket and Scotch Ale

The Oskar Blues Old Chub Scotch Ale pairs nicely with our brisket. The bodacious flavors of this beer compliment the fattiness of brisket. Consider malted barley, specialty grains and a dash of beechwood-smoked malt as a perfect companion to our smoked, tender and flavorful brisket.

Kielbasa and Hefe Weizen

The fatty flavor of this smoked sausage calls for a crisp and refreshing, palate cleansing brew. Try the RAR Groove City. It offers big banana and hints of spice, a wonderful combination with the smoke of kielbasa.
light beer hand - BBQ and Beer Pairings

Ribs and Stout

We feel only a stout could stand up to the boldness of ribs. The Dominion Oak Barrel Stout uses smoked and peated malts as well as dry hopped vanilla beans and oak chips. This creates a beautiful stout that flatters the smokey molasses of the ribs.

N.C. Pulled Pork and Lager

Raven Special Lager offers a rich golden color and a smooth Southern German style, as well as balanced hops and malt flavors. The clean finish pairs well with the acid, fat, and bread combination of our N.C. Pulled Pork sandwich.

Burger and Ale

Yes! A burger and beer, the quintessential meal combo in our opinion. Ressurection Brewer’s Art Amber Ale is an ideal partner to our burger. Enjoy sipping this subtle, nutty and malty ale alongside the perfect char, the spicy/sweet Bacon jalapeno jam, the peppery arugula.
bbq grill - BBQ and Beer Pairings

Smoked Turkey and Porter

Try our smoked turkey sandwich with a Breckenridge Vanilla Porter. This beer features the chocolate and roasted nut flavor of a classic Porter, with a hint of vanilla. This combination will elevate your turkey sandwich experience to new heights!

Alabama BBQ Chicken and Black Lager

Devil’s Backbone makes a unique black lager. Their Schwartz Beer offers a toasted dark malt, chocolatey sweetness, bready and creamy body. It is delicious with the flavors of the smoked chicken and our sweet, tangy barbecue sauce.


On a final note, IPA is Chad’s favorite style of beer. We especially enjoy Union Brewery’s Duck Pin IPA. Furthermore, Union offers a special release, a Double Duck Pin a few times a year. You will never go wrong pairing anything from our menu with this delicious beer.

Honestly, anytime you are enjoying BBQ and Beer we feel it is a winning combination. However, this list is only a suggestion. We understand and appreciate that pairing the two can be quite personal. What are some of your favorites? What have you discovered goes better together? We would love to hear from you! Come on into Chads’ BBQ and let us know some of your favorite pairings. But, remember this is a subject we could chew the fat about for hours. Delicious BBQ, a cold craft beer, and great conversation. What could be better?