The Best Wings in Annapolis

The Best Wings in Annapolis

Fans are more likely to consume more wings if their team gets to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is also considered the second biggest eating day of the year, after Thanksgiving.

Chicken wings are arguably one of the United State’s top favorite foods. There is no doubt that today in America we have all visited a sports bar and consumed wings with a fervor not seen since the dawn of the Shake Shop and the cheeseburger. In fact, according to the National Chicken Council™s 2015 Wing Report, approximately 1.25 billion wings were eaten during the 2015 Super Bowl. Yes, that is billion, with a B, and yes, that is in one single day.

Chad’s thinks that the chicken wing could be the quintessential American food. And, quite simply, here is why:

Wings are both delicious and fun to eat. Chicken wings are the only food that it is not only acceptable but expected to get messy when eating. If you are eating wings, no one judges you for licking your fingers, slurping, or wiping slippery sauce from your face with the back of your hand. Eating chicken wings is a social event. We all sit around the table talking, eating, sharing, dipping cumulatively. Often communicating even without words, we understand when a buddy needs another napkin or beer.

This sense of community could be why eating wings and watching sports truly has become a national pastime. Wings and football seem to be inseparable. Thus, explaining why on a single day, while watching football’s biggest game we consume billions of these little spicy deep-fried bits of heaven.

Prep, Smoked, and Fried

When it comes to wings, everyone has their favorite type. Chad’s is proud of our wings, and according to many, we have the best wings in Annapolis. Why? Most folks just drop ’em and fry ’em. At Chad’s, we give our chicken wings special love. We are unique in that we prepare the wings before cooking them. All our wings are rubbed with our secret spice rub and then smoked, imparting a distinctive flavor, even before cooking and other sauces are added.

After being perfectly fried golden brown, the wings are then tossed in one of our two homemade sauces. The award-winning Governor’s Wings are our version of the traditional Buffalo-style. The smoked jalapeno honey wings are the perfect fusion of smokey sweet with just a hint of a kick. You will not find wings like ours anywhere in the Annapolis area. Even Governor Larry Hogan would agree!

Recently we were visited and reviewed by the Capital Gazette. Reviewers sampled many of our BBQ specialties. We take the same time and care to prepare all of our food, including our sides. Everything is homemade, using fresh ingredients and our guarded secret recipes. As we head into football playoff season leading to the Super Bowl, stop into Chad’s and pick up something tasty to share with your friends and family.

Whether you are part of the 46% who prefer the drumette or the 25% the flat – try Chad’s wings once, and you will be in love. You may even want to pass on the extra napkin or beer, and lick your fingers clean. But hey, trust us, we won’t judge.