Smoking Meat is What We Do

Smoking meat as a mode of food preservation is probably as old as cooking with fire. This mode of cooking probably dates back to our caveman ancestors. Caves and simple huts lacked chimneys; these dwellings could become very smoky. Early men would hang meat up to dry, and they soon became aware that the meat stored in the smoky areas acquired a different flavor and seemed to be better preserved. Heat and smoke infuse a delicate flavor and can prevent the growth of microbes, thus serving to preserve the meat. At Chad’s, we pay homage to these humble caveman man beginnings and up the ante, just a bit. Ok, a lot. We believe smoking meat is a sophisticated art and have worked tirelessly to perfect this delicate process.

Smoking Meat Chad's Smoked Burger

We smoke everything at Chad’s, even our burgers! Come in and try what you’ve been missing.

There are two basic schools of pre-smoking meat preparation, using either a dry rub or a salt brine. We are 100% proponents of the dry rub. Our guarded spice recipe is the secret to our smokin’ success in more ways than one. We use the rub on all our meats, from chicken wings to brisket, from burgers to ribs. If you haven’t tried it, then you don’t know what you are missing.

Slow, Low, and No Peeking!

The secret to delicious smoking results is low heat, for an extended period of time. Ideally, it takes hours for the right amount of flavor, plus the low heat results in tender, succulent meat. We take the time with all of our food to slowly smoke our food. Patience makes all the difference.

Chad's Ribs Full Rack - Smoking Meat

Come in with a good appetite for my friend.

The number one rule when smoking is, once the process has begun, do not open the smoker until it is complete. There is no need to flip the meat due to the use of indirect heat. The smoker is like a flavor cocoon, so the best strategy is to keep it sealed. It might be tempting to check it but we have been doing this so long that we know exactly the right time it needs to come out.

The Fantastic Finish

Once the meat is smoked, the fun begins. You will never consume a juicer, tastier, impeccably charred burger, cooked to perfection. Our ribs are slathered in our delicious BBQ sauces, all made fresh, in-house. The chicken wings are fried afterward to crisp them up, and they finished in one of our two famous wing sauces, either the Smoked Honey Jalapeno or the Governor’s Sauce. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Smoking has become a favorite technique to impart unique flavor used by BBQ enthusiasts, brewmasters, and executive chefs around the world. One taste of any meat from our menu and you will be convinced, just ask Governor Hogan! While Chad’s takes smoking seriously, we believe in not being too serious about life. And above all, we feel life is too short for bad BBQ.