5 Events Perfect for BBQ Catering

Food is often the most important component of any special event. The guests may not remember every aspect of the night, but they won’t forget about the food (especially if it’s good). So, give your guests something they’ll savor and appreciate, like BBQ catering. It’s suitable for any type of event, no matter how casual or formal. Here are 5 events that are perfect for BBQ catering, courtesy of Chads BBQ. 


BBQ catering feature

Kick off your next fundraiser with food that is universally loved. With the help of mouthwatering cuisine, you’ll be confident knowing every attendee is enjoying themselves. After all, the food you serve can have a powerful impact on the event’s success. Plus, with BBQ catering, you can provide options, like your choice of meats, sides, drinks, and desserts. When the guests spot BBQ on the table, they’ll be even more enticed to support the cause.


You’re in charge of the menu at your wedding, so why not go all out and serve something that’s close to your heart? In 2018, WeddingWire reported that personalization is a big factor in food selection. That’s why local and casual food options, like food trucks and barbeque, are becoming more popular at receptions. 

But, BBQ doesn’t necessarily have to be casual. Chad’s provides professional event staffing to help your wedding run smoothly. Our staff takes care of setup, serving and cleanup, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Plus, you’ll get to build the menu based on your own preferences like homemade mac and cheese, pork and beans, and coleslaw. With a menu like this, you’ll be sure to look back on your wedding day with pride.

Corporate Events

Catered lunches are the best way to show your team that you appreciate them and the great work that they do. Everyone loves free food, especially when it tastes great. BBQ catering is ideal for any corporate event you may have, including:

  • Large meetings or conferences
  • Product launches
  • Milestone celebrations
  • Company anniversaries
  • Just-because lunches at the office
  • And more…

Comfort food and delicious homemade sides are also perfect conversation starters. While your colleagues dig into the pulled pork or baby back ribs, they can bond and build lasting connections.  

Birthday Parties

Throwing a big birthday bash? BBQ catering is an excellent route to a fantastic celebration. And, it’s a notorious crowd favorite! But, instead of trusting Uncle Bob to man the grill, you can call on the professionals at Chad’s. The familiar smoky BBQ flavors will delight guests of all ages. And above all, the unforgettable cuisine will take your hosting skills to the next level.

Graduation Celebrations

Graduations are a major milestone. Make the moment truly special with BBQ event catering. It’s truly the perfect food for mingling and chatting with friends and family. And, once all the pork and slaw is gone, guests can feast on brownies and banana pudding. Whether the event is indoors or outdoors, in the summertime or winter, you can’t go wrong with BBQ. 

Are you interested in having your next event catered by Chad’s? We offer delivery and event staffing for parties over 25 people. Browse the BBQ catering menu online or call (410) 956-7774 with any questions.