Chad’s Family Meals for Busy Weeknights

Chad's Family Meals

Chad’s Family Meals are sure to make the whole family happy.

You know that sharing family meals is important, but you may not realize just how valuable mealtime really is. The Family Dinner Project reports that frequently eating together benefits your children socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. That’s quite a good meal!

Nevertheless, if you’re like most families today, finding the time to enjoy a delicious meal together isn’t always easy. Fortunately, food doesn’t have to be “homemade” for your crew to reap the benefits of family dinners, which include:

  • Better academic performance
  • Lower risk of depression, substance abuse, and teen pregnancy
  • Improved vocabulary for younger children
  • Healthier eating habits for the whole family
  • Higher self-esteem for the entire family

Picking up dinner from Chad’s is the perfect solution. Mom and dad don’t have to worry about getting food on the table after work, and everyone will feel more relaxed when they pull up a chair and dig into the best BBQ in Maryland. Ordering one of Chad’s Family Meals is a great way to reduce stress and increase mealtime fun any day of the week.

Chad’s Family Meals for the Win

Wouldn’t it be great to sit down to a wholesome meal that you didn’t have to prepare yourself and that everyone in your family looked forward to eating? No complaining and no fighting—what a miracle!  Well, Chad’s has got your back. With three family-pleasing options, you can turn any busy weeknight into quality family time.

Choose from our Pulled Pork BBQ dinner (feeds 3 to 4), our Chicken and Ribs dinner (feeds 5 to 6), or Chad’s BBQ Feast (feeds 10 to 12) if you’ve got a big family with big appetites. When should you order dinner from Chad’s? Here, let us help!

Order Chad’s:

  • For family potlucks
  • To celebrate a team win or a great report card
  • When mom and dad need a break
  • For weeknight activities that don’t leave time for cooking
  • Whenever!

Picking up dinner from Chad’s is easy and affordable. Call ahead or stop in to order, and carry out a hot tasty meal that everyone in your crew will love. And don’t forget to add a few of our famous Main Root sodas to your order for a special treat.

Why Choose Chad’s Family Meals?

We know you have a great selection of restaurants to choose from in the Edgewater area. But we’re confident that once you try our house-smoked meats—yes, even the burgers—and mouth-watering sides, you’ll understand why we’re so proud of the food we serve. We take the same care as you would if you had the time! We’re talking house-made pickles, traditional collard greens, and mac and cheese.

Chad’s is all about fun and family. We love helping people find more ways to enjoy quality BBQ, whether at their home or in our restaurant. In fact, if you’re looking for savory BBQ-infused cocktail recipes or creative ways to enjoy BBQ with the kids, check out the tips section of our website. You’ll find easy at-home recipes and tips that will make your home-cooked BBQ meals even better.

Offering delicious, affordable family meals featuring Chad’s most popular meats and sides is one way we hope to help make those crazy busy weeknights more fun for everyone in your family.

Call Chad’s for Dinner Tonight

Do you need an easy dinner tonight? Give us a call. We’ll get one of our flavorful family meals packed up for you in no time so you can get home and spend time with your family. And tell the kids if they’re good, you just might bring home some of our famous banana pudding, too.