5 Mouthwatering Menu Suggestions for New Customers

Maybe you’ve heard about Chad’s BBQ, or maybe you’ve just been drawn in by that distinct, smoky aroma that only exquisite barbeque can offer. Either way, you’re curious about what Chad’s BBQ has for eats, and you want to know where to start.

First, let us thank you for your interest in Chad’s BBQ. We are just as excited to serve you as you are to chow down! If you’re on the fence about what to try first, here are some of our most popular and favorite menu suggestions.

crock pot pulled pork1. Pulled Pork Sandwich

The first of our menu suggestions is the pulled pork sandwich一a Chad’s BBQ staple and a fast favorite for many customers. Made with shredded pork shoulder, slow-smoked to perfection, our pulled pork sandwich practically melts in your mouth with rich, savory flavors. If you’re a first-time customer at Chad’s BBQ, you can’t go wrong with our pulled pork sandwich.

Chads BBQ - Smoked Burger - menu suggestions2. Smoked Burger (Creekstone Farms)

Our slow-smoked eight-ounce burger is served on a potato roll and dressed in house-made bacon jab, tomato, arugula. It also comes with a side of roasted mayo. It’s a top favorite of our very own Chad, and it is sure to please any burger lover.

What is kielbasa3. Smoked Kielbasa

Kielbasa is a classic Polish dish that is sure to be adored by anyone who enjoys mouth-watering sausage. Our smoked kielbasa uses four ounces of local sausage (linked), served with pickled red onions, mustard, and jumbo white bread.

4. Chad’s Family Meals

Chad’s BBQ takes pride in our family-friendly service and food selections. If you have a family to feed, and only the smoky flavors of perfectly prepared BBQ will do, Chad has the menu suggestion for you.

Chad’s Family meals offer a delicious, wholesome meal for your family, so you can skip cooking for the night.  Select from prepared menu meals, such as Pulled Pork BBQ, Chicken, and Ribs, or Chad’s BBQ Feast.

Our Pulled Pork BBQ includes one pound of pulled pork with your choice of sauce, two medium 16-ounce sides, and four potato buns, perfect for a family of three to four.

Our Chicken and Ribs come with one full rack of spare ribs, one whole grilled chicken (halved), three medium 16-ounce sides, and three pieces of unforgettable cornbread. Chicken and Ribs is an excellent choice for a family of five or six.

Chad’s BBQ Feast brings a hearty meal for large families and get-togethers, feeding 10 to 12. Enjoy a full rack of spare ribs, one whole grilled chicken (halved), one pound of pulled pork with your choice of sauce, four kielbasa links, three medium 16-ounce sides, and four pieces of cornbread.

If you want to give your family a truly delectable meal so you can save yourself the effort of cooking, Chad’s BBQ has you covered.

Best Wings in Annapolis - Chad's menu suggestions5. Honey-Jalapeno Wings and Ribs

Here are two menu suggestions in one for our unique dishes that mix sweet and spicy like a dream!

No BBQ meal is complete without amazing wings. At Chad’s BBQ, those irresistible wings, are our honey-jalapeno wings. Our honey-jalapeno wings are smoked to perfection and served with blue cheese and celery, dressed with our award-winning Honey Jalapeno sauce.

While our ribs are some of our most popular menu items, and our honey-jalapeno ribs are no exception. We slow cook our honey-jalapeno ribs. This brings out those rich flavors, served with our award-winning honey-jalapeno sauce, blue cheese, and celery. If you’re a ribs connoisseur, you’re sure to enjoy this delicious menu suggestion.

Come to Chad’s BBQ to Try These Menu Suggestions!

Ready to try these menu suggestions? Come to Chad’s BBQ for a wide selection of smoked meats and crafted delights. Bring your friends and family and enjoy our food to your heart’s content.