How to Cook Corn on the Cob This Summer

When people think of Maryland cuisine, they typically think of crab cakes. It’s what we are known for, at least from the outside look in. If you are a true Marylander though, you know about our Silver Queen Corn. That’s right, corn sweet corn! This isn’t just any corn either. With peak season from June to October, it has come to define summer and fall dishes. So, if you find yourself with corn on the cob, especially Silver Queen Corn, it’s time to dig in. Here are some recommended ways to cook corn on the cob. Also, we included our favorite recipe and a very popular dish below.

1. Grill it With the Husks On

I mean, this is the quintessential summer cooking method. Some people will ask husk or no husk. Actually both. We recommend pulling the husks down to the ear but not tearing them off. Instead, leave them there, strip away the silk. (That’s the thread-like fibers.) After they are removed, season and then fold the husks back into place.

Keeping the husks on allows it to steam the corn to perfection. Fresh cobs take about 15 minutes, depending on your grill. Make sure to rotate them every 3-5 minutes for an even cook. Don’t be afraid of some charing. It’s the good part.

2. Put it in the Oven

If you don’t have a grill, or just want to cook in the A/C, put it in the oven. There are two methods you can do, unshucked or shucked. If you want to leave them unshucked, start by heating your oven to 350 degrees. Then, place the unshucked ears directly on the oven racks and bake for 30 minutes. Finish with cooling for 5 minutes and toss them in the middle of the picnic table for each person to shuck themselves.

If you choose to remove the husks, preheat the oven to 435. Season well and bake for about 20-25 minutes. Some people choose to wrap them in aluminum foil to keep the butter and seasons cooking on the corn.

3. Throw it in with the Crabs

This is one of the most fun and flavorful ways to cook corn! Like many Marylanders, while cooking crabs at home, you may have thrown a few unshucked ears of corn on top of the crabs in the crab pot. If not, you must try this recipe out for yourself. About 10 minutes before the crabs are done, throw your unshucked ears of corn into the pot. Then, when everything is cooked, dump the crabs and corn on the table together for a steamy, savory pile of deliciousness! All in all, the corn has a great smoky crabby flavor that is best eaten with Old Bay covered hands!

Chad’s Corn on the Cob Recipe

Chad’s Mexican Corn is the perfect savory side to your favorite BBQ.

No matter how you cook your corn, there are plenty of fun ways to dress it up with ingredients. At Chad’s BBQ, our favorite recipe is called Elote, or Mexican Street Corn. And, trust us, if you haven’t tried our homemade Mexican corn, you are surely missing out! Nevertheless, you can make your own Mexican corn on the cob at home, right on the grill. Overall, it’s the perfect treat for your next backyard BBQ alongside barbecue chicken and shrimp kabobs. But, before you start grilling your unshucked pieces of corn, you will need the following Mexican ingredients to sprinkle on top:

  • 1/2 cup of lime mayonnaise
  • 1/3 cup of Cotija cheese
  • Guajillo chili butter
  • Freshly chopped cilantro

Or, en español: El maíz mexicano: de maíz con mantequilla de chile guajillo, mayonesa de lima, Cotija chesse, y el cilantro.

  1. Preheat the grill to medium-high. Using a grill sheet, grill the corn. Turn often, for 10 minutes or until slightly charred.
  2. Brush each corn with a layer of lime mayonnaise and chili butter. Then, sprinkle on Cotija cheese, and add fresh cilantro on top.
  3. Enjoy!

There are so many great ways to cook and eat corn on the cob all year long. And, at Chad’s BBQ we love corn anyway we can get it. From fresh corn to cornbread, we feel it is the perfect accompaniment to our delicious BBQ. So, come on over to Chad’s this summer for a helping of authentic BBQ the way it was meant to be cooked and enjoyed.