How to Use Holiday Leftovers to Create Delicious Meals

Holiday leftovers - turkeyThe holidays are a special time for everyone. You get to enjoy great food with great company and take a break for one memorable night supercharged with joy and calories. Unfortunately, the day after the holidays isn’t quite as memorable. Most people have to return to their daily grind—work, kids, and the rest. But there’s one thing you have that can make a difference. We’re talking about holiday leftovers.

Holiday leftovers are a specific kind of delightful. Sure, your leftovers may not have the same level of holiday charm they had the night before. But there are some tricks you can use to salvage those leftovers into some truly delicious meals. Here’s what you need to do!

Fantastic BBQ Breakfasts

Holiday Leftovers - OmletteAlright, so it’s the morning after, and you’re still working on getting rid of that wine headache. But, no doubt, your stomach is growling for some leftovers.

Take stock of what you have in the fridge, but keep looking for eggs, greens, mashed potatoes, meats, and some gravy. Regardless of the holiday, there’s a good chance you have a few of these key ingredients.

One of the first things you can do is prepare a classic omelet. Fry up some eggs, melt some cheese, and stuff some shredded turkey, sausage crumbles, or vegetables into the fold for a heartwarming breakfast. If you’re feeling bold, add a few dashes of BBQ sauce and some black pepper for a bit of kick.

Have mashed potatoes? Throw some butter in a pan and shape some of your leftover mash into patties. With a few flips and a little bit of frying, you’ll have some delicious hash browns ready to crunch on.

It’s the morning, so it’s okay to feel a little lazy. Don’t want to bother making anything your post-holiday brain can’t handle? There’s nothing wrong with a breakfast bowl of mashed potatoes, gravy, chunks of smoked ham, and shredded veggies. Mix it all up and add a spoon to start your day off right.

Afternoon Super Sandwiches

Holiday Leftovers - BBQ SandwichAfter a holiday dinner, you’re bound to have heaps of turkey, sausage, cheese, bacon, and biscuits lying around. With those things alone, you have the ingredients for some stand-out grilled cheeses, club sandwiches, and more.

Grab a few slices of bread, fry them in butter, and melt some cheddar cheese on top. Add some leftover protein, like smoked ham, turkey, or whatever meats survived last night’s holiday festivities. Throw in some bacon, some leafy greens, and maybe a slice of tomato, and you’ve got a solid leftovers sandwich.

Fire that puppy up with some of your favorite BBQ sauce for a classic sandwich exploding with flavor.

As an alternative, if you have some leftover biscuits, cut a few down the middle. Then, use the biscuit halves to squeeze together a slice of tomato, smoked ham or turkey, a leaf of lettuce, and a dollop of gravy for a delectable biscuit sandwich.

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