How to Pair Your Favorite Beer and BBQ

Beer and BBQ go together like apple pie and vanilla ice cream. On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than satisfying your hungry belly with some delicious BBQ and washing it down with an ice-cold beer. Though there are many refreshing beverage options you could enjoy with your meal, there’s something about the right beer. The perfect beer and BBQ can truly elevate the entire experience. That’s why we created a list of some of the best beers to pair with BBQ dishes. Keep reading and learn how the distinctive flavors work together to create something truly special.

Pairing Beer and BBQ Tips

If you don’t know much about the different types of beers and the specific flavor profiles they bring to the table when combining beer with BBQ, this guide is perfect for you. These are just a few of the best beers to pair with your favorite BBQ entrée at Chad’s BBQ during your next visit (or from the comfort of your home with some delicious catering!).

Pale Lager + Fried Meats

Pale lagers are a great introduction to beer with their light feel and malty taste. This type of beer has anywhere from medium to high carbonation. Many of the most popular beer brands today fall within the lager category. These include Budweiser, Corona, Michelob, and Miller. Since lagers have a more subtle flavor, they can pair well with fried meats, seafood, and chicken.

IPA + Smoked Meats

IPAs, or India pale ales, are known to be noticeably hoppier than lagers or pale ales. Hops are a plant used in beers to add a variety of flavors. However, they also add a level of bitterness. Many times that is what draws IPA lovers to the brew. With their strong flavor, IPAs are best suited with smoky, well-seasoned meats like beef brisket, a rack of ribs, or grilled fish.

Pale Ale + Burgers/Sandwiches

Not to be confused with India pale ales, standard pale ales are made with fewer hops and, therefore, have a much smoother, lighter taste with a dry finish. Pale ales are great to sip alongside a burger or sandwich and are sure to complement just about any BBQ flavor, from the main entrée to a side dish like coleslaw or mac and cheese.

Our Recommended Brews at Chad’s

Regular guests at Chad’s BBQ come and stay for the incredible food and unforgettable service, but the varied beer menu certainly doesn’t hurt. Wondering which beer to choose from our list when you come in? There are a few in-house favorites.

When it comes to beer on tap, you can’t go wrong with our Country Ride American pale ale. Brewed locally in Cambridge, MD, this pale ale’s smooth taste and medium-dry finish make it easy to combine beer and BBQ without distracting from the delicious food.

You can also combine canned beer with BBQ to create an incredible experience during your next visit to Chad’s BBQ. We carry a variety of pale ales, lagers, IPAs, stouts, and so much more. IPA fans will surely enjoy our Nanticoke Nectar or Special Lady Friend, both hoppy and full of delicious fruity flavors and aromas.

Looking for an ale? Try Resurrection or Dead Guy Ale, which offers bold malt flavors and medium to light hops. But you can’t go wrong with just stopping in and asking us for a recommendation!