Make Your Poolside BBQ Even Better with These 5 Ideas

Maryland summers are hot and humid, so a poolside BBQ is the perfect way to beat the heat. Bonus, you can also spend quality time with friends and family. So, are you looking for a few ways to elevate your summer gatherings this season? Keep reading to learn five easy ideas for improving your next poolside BBQ.

1. Simple Yet Festive Decorations

Most poolside gatherings focus more on cooling off in the water and enjoying great food than anything else. But you shouldn’t underestimate the power some simple decorations can make. For example, you can include fresh flowers or colorful streamers.

However, if there is one this you shouldn’t skip, it’s some outdoor lighting. We recommend some solar-powered string lights or tiki torches. And fill those torches with some citronella for good measure. For some extra fun, include floaties, pool games, and areas for people to sunbathe.

2. Easy-to-Grab Snacks

Everyone knows that poolside BBQs are just as much about the food as they are about lounging by the pool and connecting with family and friends. Some hosts look forward to these gatherings as an opportunity to bust out their grill that may have gone unused during the year’s colder months.

Before it’s time for the main course, ensure you have plenty of munchies to offer your guests as they wait. This could include anything from some simple chips and dip to some fresh fruit or your favorite deviled egg recipe.

Whatever your array of snacks might include, your guests will appreciate how well you cater to their comfort. Bonus points if snacks are accessible from a pool floatie!

3. Ice-Cold Drinks for Everyone

From fizzy sodas to an ice-cold beer and everything in between, most people have a go-to beverage during a poolside BBQ in Maryland. In addition to classic soft drinks, beers, and iced teas, consider premixing cocktails or mocktails (or buying them canned) to offer your guests a more varied beverage menu while still keeping your prep time short.

4. Plenty of Games for the Kids (and Parents) to Enjoy

A dip in the pool is an essential part of any poolside BBQ, but what about when your guests are done swimming and looking for another activity? Some BBQ attendees prefer to lounge the afternoon away, but for your more energetic party guests, make sure to offer some fun outdoor games that are easy to set up.

Some classic favorites include horseshoes, cornhole, or pin the tail on the donkey. Kids are sure to have a blast between dips in the pool, and parents can get in on the fun too!

5. Catered BBQ for an Unforgettable Meal

If you love hosting poolside BBQs during the summer but aren’t passionate about the grilling part, you’re not alone. Many hosts prefer to focus on friends, family, and atmosphere while leaving all things food to the professionals. If that sounds like you, don’t hesitate to have your BBQ meal catered at your next poolside soiree!

With Chad’s BBQ catering, you can customize your catering package to your specifications based on how many guests you expect and what flavors you’re craving.

Moreover, you can order sides in bulk. This ensures you have plenty of delicious cornbread, coleslaw, pork and beans, and any other favorite side dishes to complement your delicious pulled pork, burgers, slow-cooked ribs, and more. Contact the team at Chad’s BBQ today to learn more about catering in the Maryland area!