BBQing + Boating = Maryland Summer Fun

Maryland summers are dreamy. After a long, cold winter, you can finally peel off the winter woolens and bare your skin in the warm sunlight. Summers scream of BBQing and boating (each of these on its own is a treat!), and combining both is the ultimate in summer fun. Want to know how to get the best of BBQing and boating in Maryland? We’ll show you.

Marylanders Are Water Babies

It’s no secret that Marylanders love the water. So whether you’re boating, crabbing, sailing, or fishing, summer on the water in Maryland is paradise. The beautiful South River is a haven for water lovers. It is perfect for when you want to go boating, canoeing, or take a leisurely sail.

But all of that fresh air and fun make for a large appetite, so you need a hearty, nutritious, and utterly delicious meal. Besides our passion for fishing, it’s also well-known that Marylanders love BBQ. So BBQing and boating are the perfect combination for summer fun, and getting creative is the only way to go.

BBQing + Boating — The Best of Both Worlds

In summer, many people think of eating lighter foods, but a day on the water expends a lot of energy — energy that you need to make up to stay in the game. This is where good-quality BBQ comes in to provide the perfect summer boating meal for you and your friends.

BBQ Salad

For a hearty meal filled with the goodness of raw vegetables, combine a mixture of lettuces with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, scallions, blue cheese crumbles, cranberries, sliced almonds, different colors of sliced bell peppers, and olives, then drizzle it with a balsamic reduction. Finally, add large chunks of cut-up whole grilled chicken or slices of smoky BBQ brisket. This salad will not only fill hungry bellies, but it’s also nourishing and delicious.

BBQ Sandwiches

Nothing satisfies an appetite like a sandwich laden with delicious pulled pork or deli meats. Add sides of coleslaw and pickles and bags of potato chips. Keep a variety of BBQ sauces on hand to suit every palate, and your crew will clear up every crumb in record time. Throw in some icy cold beer to cool off, and you have created the perfect boating BBQ lunch.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are one of America’s signature dishes, and they are delicious, both hot and cold. Wings make a fantastic lunch meal while out boating or picnicking by the water as they are protein-rich, delicious, and go with just about any side. Serve Honey-Jalapeno wings with a variety of salads and potato chips for a filling and tasty lunch.


After a fun day out on your boat, there’s nothing quite as good as a hot BBQ dinner. Rinse off the sand and the sun and take your empty tummy to your favorite BBQ restaurant. Fill up on a full rack of spare ribs or delicately smoked Kielbasa Links — in fact, why stop at one when you can order a BBQ feast and try the lot? Wash it all down with a cold beer, and you’ll sleep like a baby once you hit your pillow.

The Ultimate BBQ at Chad’s BBQ

Boating on one of Maryland’s beautiful waterways is an ideal way to spend a summer’s day. But, of course, adding BBQ to your day makes it just about perfect.

Chad’s BBQ serves delicious BBQ meats and sandwiches, a massive range of sides, and icy cold beer. We’ll provide you with a picnic basket full of our hearty food to enjoy, or you can stop in on the way home for a hot and tasty dinner. We know you’ll love eating our BBQ just as much as we love making it.