The Ultimate BBQ Party Playlists that Will Scream Summer Fun

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy balmy temperatures and socialize with family and friends. While you don’t need a reason to congregate poolside or in a local park, it’s always a good idea to have a meal on hand to keep your guests happy and satisfied, and a BBQ party provides the perfect reason to get together.

Maybe you love to play grill master, or perhaps you’d rather have your event catered, so you’re free to mingle with guests. Either way, there’s still one thing missing: entertainment. So instead of shelling out for a local band or DJ, throw together your own playlist. What should you add to ensure dancing, sing-alongs, and plenty of fun?

BBQ Party Playlist Must-Haves

Before you start choosing songs willy-nilly, you’ll want to consider what makes a song ideal for your summer soiree. First, you need to consider your audience. If there will be kids at your event, you’ll want to opt for a family-friendly vibe. Maybe with more appropriate language and themes, if possible.

You also want to make sure to choose songs with an upbeat tempo to encourage dancing and lift everyone’s spirits. Of course, the top 40 couldn’t hurt, either. People can sing along with familiar lyrics and be more engaged when you select popular music.

Finally, it’s best to shoot for about 15 to 20 songs per hour, assuming a run time of roughly three to four minutes per song, and consider adding a couple more hours of music than your party is scheduled for. This way, if people are still snacking on baby back ribs five hours into your four-hour BBQ, they won’t have to do so in silence.

‘60s Surf Music

It’s hard to think of a sound more associated with the carefree days of summer than the twangy, reverb guitar of ‘60s surf rock. We are talking about The Beach Boys, Jan and Dean, The Surfaris, and more. When you turn on these tunes, you’ll have all of the vibes of the coastal surf scene.

Disco Dance Beats

Even if you’re not a huge disco fan, it’s hard to deny the toe-tapping appeal of those funk-inspired beats. This genre of music was made for dancing! With The Bee Gees, Abba, Kool & The Gang, Donna Summer, Blondie, and Chaka Khan on rotation, you’ll get butts out of seats and the whole crowd up and dancing.

Classic Rock

You can’t go wrong with a classic rock playlist at your BBQ party. This popular musical genre spans generations, with hits from various eras. All you have to do is look at a list of the best rock bands of all time to find plenty of faves, from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, to AC/DC and Guns n’ Roses, all with tons of hits perfect for summer fun.

‘80s New Wave

The ‘80s were an interesting decade in music, thanks to new synth technology and an air of experimentation. The result was a bevy of new sounds that created some enjoyable music. Populate your ‘80s playlist with hits from Duran Duran, The Pretenders, The B-52s, The Cure, A-ha, and even Eurythmics and Talking Heads if you like to push the envelope.

Mix-and-Match Hits

In truth, the best BBQ party playlist will feature songs from a range of genres. The trick is to create a good flow that keeps the ambiance light and fun so that everyone can enjoy their BBQ and craft beer to the fullest.

Are you ready to kick off your summer parties, right? Start by perusing the menu at Chad’s BBQ to find the perfect staples for your table. Contact us to learn more about our convenient catering and pick-up options.