Maryland Backyard BBQ Basics

Backyard barbecues are an American tradition, especially if you are a Maryland local. The Chesapeake Bay serves as the perfect backdrop to a relaxing evening with good food and great friends. Whether you are hosting or just attending a backyard BBQ this season, there are a few essentials that will make your party fun and memorable for years to come. To make things easy, we’ve made a list of must-have Maryland backyard BBQ basics that should get you started.

1. Old Bay

While you will have different condiments like barbecue sauce, ketchup, and mustard, there is one seasoning that is a requirement at all Maryland tables, Old Bay. Honestly, it is one of the single greatest seasonings you can have and it’s not just for crabs. You can toss up some wings or season a burger. Nothing says ‘Maryland backyard BBQ’ quite like Old Bay.

2. BeerMaryland backyard BBQ

Beer is and will always be a crowd pleaser. To stick with the Maryland theme, stock up on local Maryland beer brands, like Flying Dog Dead Rise, DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus, Stillwater Classique, and Heavy Seas Loose Cannon. We love Maryland craft beer. No really, we do.

3. Cornhole

Cornhole is a Maryland staple. Other states might call it bean bag toss, but we are from Maryland and corn is our thing. Plus, it’s a classic backyard game that practically anyone can play. You need at least 4 people but can make do with 2 if you have to (you know you have). For your party, you can make things interesting by setting up a tournament and getting everyone involved.

4. Outdoor Seating Area

A comfortable seating area, with a few chairs and a small table, in a well-shaded area, is all you need. Obviously, you get bonus points if you have an outdoor fire pit. (Who doesn’t love a fire pit?) You can also roast marshmallows and make smores in typical backyard BBQ fashion. It’s a perfect way to end a party.

5. Citronella Candles

Speaking of Maryland, we have bugs. If you want your party to last outside, you will need to keep the bugs at bay. And, nighttime can often be a feeding frenzy for pesky mosquitos. Citronella candles or torches are a nice alternative for those guests who have an aversion to sticky bug spray. Although, we still recommend keeping the bug spray on hand.

6. Festive LightsMaryland backyard BBQ

Light up the night with festive lights. You can stick to the standard bulbs or try colorful, fun lights. Our favorite is the red solo cup lights. If you prefer a bit of class, consider doing citronella wine tiki torches. Two Birds. One Stone.

What about the food? Oh well, you know Chad’s has you covered there. If you need help preparing the food for your BBQ, we can take care of everything. If you have 25 people or more, we can cater all of the food so you can relax and enjoy the party. Or, if you are having a small get-together, stop by Chad’s and pick up a family meal. Enjoy chicken and ribs, pulled pork, and hot links that feed 3 to 12 people. Hope to see you at your next backyard BBQ!