Top 5 Chad’s Menu Items to Try in 2023

As you start planning your 2023 adventures, it is time to think about what new food items to try. At Chad’s BBQ, we have many delicious barbecue options for meat lovers and beer enthusiasts. These are the five Chad’s menu items to try in the upcoming year.

1. The Basel Burger

The Basel Burger is an all-time favorite menu item to try in 2023. This delicious eight-ounce burger will fill you up and flood your taste buds with all of your favorite flavors. The following toppings come on the Basel Burger:

  • House-made bacon jam
  • Arugula
  • Tomato
  • Roasted garlic mayo (on the side)
  • Cheese (optional)

You can customize the Basel Burger with any toppings you want. However, we firmly believe you will love it as it comes! The Basel Burger comes on a potato roll, making it the perfect savory and filling burger. So curb your hunger with this Chad’s favorite next time you stop in.

2. Chad’s Sampler

Want to try a little bit of everything? Stop in for the Chad’s Sampler this year! Our sampler comes with one kielbasa sausage link, two ribs, pulled pork, and sides of pickles, onion, and bread. You can assemble your own delicious meat sandwiches with the Chad’s Sampler.

Or for those eating with a group of friends, this is a great appetizer or even a shared group meal. Finally, give your taste buds some adventurous flavors with the myriad meats and sides in the Chad’s Sampler!

3. Honey-Jalapeno Ribs

If you are a rib lover, you know that the perfect ribs can brighten your day. Our Honey-Jalapeno Ribs are smoked in our house-made, delectable sauce to pack a powerful flavor punch. We serve the Honey-Jalapeno Ribs with blue cheese and celery. While the flavor of these ribs is perfect on its own, we know that many blue cheese fans also love barbecue. So spice up your meals in 2023 with these delicious hot ribs!

4. Chad’s BBQ Feast

Our family meals are perfect for when you want to host your own BBQ night at home. Chad’s BBQ Feast is full of our delicious smoked meats and your choice of savory, mouthwatering sides. It includes the following:

  • One full rack of spare ribs
  • One whole grilled chicken
  • One pound of pulled pork (with your choice of sauce)
  • Four kielbasa sausage links
  • Three 16-ounce sides of your choice
  • Four large pieces of cornbread

With enough delicious barbecue to feed the whole family, you don’t have to worry about smoking and grilling all evening. You can simply kick back and enjoy your time with your loved ones — all while bonding over our delicious family foods!

5. Alabama Chicken

The Alabama Chicken is one of the menu items that you shouldn’t pass up. This tender, delicious chicken dish includes Alabama white BBQ sauce to bring vinegary notes to your favorite meat. We serve our Alabama Chicken with pickles, bread, and extra Alabama white BBQ sauce. The meal includes half of a whole chicken, including a breast, wing, leg, and thigh. You are sure to be full and happy after you try this delectable Chad’s menu item!

Enjoy Delicious Chad’s Menu Items in 2023

Spice up the new year with the smoky and savory goodness at Chad’s BBQ. We offer a wide selection of smoked meats, delicious sides, and cold beer. There is something for all barbecue lovers at our restaurant. From smoked sausages to ribs to burgers, you will never run out of delicious items to try. Choose Chad’s BBQ for your next family gathering, night out with friends, or family dinner in 2023!