BBQ Wedding Reception — How to Plan an Awesome ‘I Do BBQ’

Planning a wedding can be stressful. There are many details to keep track of, including the guest list, venue, and ceremony. By the time you plan the reception, you might be tempted to keep things more laid back. In our humble opinion, there’s no better way to do that than with a BBQ wedding reception.

The best wedding receptions have an inviting, casual feel while focusing on the happy couple. You’ve just gotten married, so it’s time to kick back, relax, and celebrate with your loved ones! If you and your significant other are huge fans of authentic BBQ, and it’s one of your favorite meals to enjoy together, then there’s no better way to celebrate your marriage than with some good old-fashioned BBQ smoked meats, burgers, sides, and ice-cold brews. Let’s look at a few easy ways to create the perfect ‘I Do BBQ.’

Ditch the Formal Feel for a More Rustic Approach

When most people think of a delicious BBQ meal, they probably don’t imagine it happening at a black-tie affair. You can certainly enjoy some delightful BBQ entrees in any setting. However, more casual attire and rustic décor style lend itself much better to a BBQ wedding reception.

For a formal ceremony, give your guests time to change into comfortable clothing perfect for devouring some BBQ. (And, of course, for dancing the night away afterward). Don’t forget to provide them with plenty of napkins!

Provide a Way for Guests to Clean Their Hands

If you’re a lifelong BBQ fan, you know that the best BBQ can be messy. So when planning a BBQ wedding reception, it’s essential to provide plenty of handwashing stations for your guests. So they can clean their hands thoroughly before and after their meal.

You can even keep your handwashing stations on theme by using rustic items like large Mason jars and pails. There are many ways to streamline your ‘I Do BBQ’ process without sacrificing your reception’s aesthetic.

Go Family Style or Buffet for a Casual Feel

While planning their wedding, engaged couples must decide how to serve the food at the reception. Many couples go the route of having individual plates served to each guest. However, we believe a family-style serving or a self-serve buffet are the best options for a BBQ wedding reception.

These styles most closely resemble a casual BBQ dinner with family or a gathering with friends. We think this relaxed approach feels much more appropriate for the style. Additionally, when serving the food family or buffet style, your guests can return for seconds whenever they’d like!

Chad’s Can Help With Your BBQ Wedding Reception

Of course, as you’re planning your perfect ‘I Do BBQ,’ food is the most critical puzzle piece. That’s why the catering you choose plays such a significant role. You want a delicious and authentic BBQ, ensuring a perfect reception dinner.

With Chad’s BBQ, you can pick a one-, two-, or three-meat catering spread. Or you could choose ribs and meat spread with plenty of delicious side dishes. Additionally, we’ll fully staff your event and handle set-up, service, and clean-up ourselves!

Submit your catering request or get in touch with the team at Chad’s BBQ today. We look forward to giving you your dream BBQ wedding reception.