5 Favorite Chad’s Menu Items for Pickle Lovers

Pickles, made from cucumbers submerged in brine, have been around for thousands of years. Although they are thought to have originated in India, the name comes from the Dutch word “pekel,” meaning brine. Regardless of their storied origins, these tangy treats have spread across the globe. They have amassed an army of pickle lovers along the way. It’s no wonder they’ve become a favorite menu item at many restaurants.

Whether you’re indulging cravings or are simply hankering for some salty/sour delight, you’ll find we have a lot to offer. (Especially when it comes to pickles!) It’s all thanks to delectable pickles that are made in-house. So which delicious dishes are likely to pique your palate when you’re peckish for pickles?

Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich

BBQ lovers know that any meat slow-cooked and smothered in a sweet or savory sauce is sure to be divine. However, different regions of the U.S. have their own styles. If your go-to for BBQ is a Carolina style featuring the sour bite of vinegar, you’ll love the Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich. As favorite menu items go, it’s hard to argue with the combination of salty, savory, sweet, and sour flavors, especially when you add an extra ramekin of pickles for extra zest.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

You can’t deny the appeal of pulled pork. Salty, fatty, and cooked to perfection before being shredded, this delectable meat practically melts in your mouth. So whether you’re heading to Chad’s for an easy weekday meal or you want to feed everyone at your next pool party with less stress, pulled pork sandwiches are always a crowd pleaser. Don’t forget: You can add a ramekin of extra pickles on the side with every order! Or go all out with a couple of quarts of house-made pickles.

Chad’s Sampler

When you’re unsure what you want, or you’re looking for an appetizer platter to share with the whole table, a sampler is an excellent way to get your faves and try something new all at once. Chad’s sampler platter ranks high among favorite menu items thanks to a combination of kielbasa, ribs, and pulled pork, served with essential extras that include bread, onions, and of course, pickles.

Alabama Chicken

Succulent chicken that’s smoked to perfection delivers the perfect savory treat, especially when it’s pull-apart tender. At Chad’s, you’ll enjoy half a chicken, including breast, wing, leg, and thigh, that you can gobble up on your own or share with a friend. Served with bread on the side and a distinctive, creamy, Alabama white sauce — a BBQ variant with mayo, vinegar, and spices — this is one you’ll want to write home about, especially with the addition of homemade pickles.

Pickle Fries

Deep-fried pickles. What else is there to say? Pickle lovers will go gaga for these delectable strips of tangy dill, battered and fried to a crisp but still crunchy enough to satisfy your desire for that one-of-a-kind bite. Served with creamy ranch dressing, this side is sure to kick your salivary glands into overdrive.

Chad’s is Perfect for Pickle Lovers

Of course, you may want more. While it’s nice to have pickles on your sandwich or get extra on the side, sometimes a modicum of pickles simply won’t sate your craving. Good news! Chad’s homemade pickles are available in single-serving portions, but you can also order by the pint or quart to snack on at your table or take home later.

Are you hungry for your favorite BBQ meats but simply can’t enjoy them without the delectable crunch and tang of a pickle or three? Chad’s has just what you’re looking for. Visit our Edgewater location today or contact us with your catering request.