Chad's Mac-N-CheeseWe Heart Mac-N-Cheese

Let’s be honest. No other comfort food satisfies quite like mac-n-cheese. Gooey, hot, cheesy deliciousness. It is enjoyed by both vegetarian and meat eater alike. From toddlers to gourmet chefs, there is one thing we can all agree on. We heart mac-n-cheese. But why? What is the draw of this culinary masterpiece that brings everyone running to the table? We have a theory or two.

The Cheese Stands Alone, or Not

Mac-N-Cheese is a virtual blank canvas. You can dress up mac-n-cheese with lobster, applewood smoked bacon or truffle oil. Some purists prefer only cheddar cheese, while there are others who insist upon a mixture of 5 or more European aged cheeses. Whether you like it made from scratch or out of a box topped with ketchup (no judgment, ok, maybe a little), there is no end to how you can jazz up mac-n-cheese.

Mac-n-Cheese is one of those foods that is both a side dish and a main meal. It is hearty enough to stand alone at center stage, while at the same time is a perfect accompaniment (especially to BBQ). Many cultures around the globe have some form of this delicious dish. Egypt, Greece, Norway are just a few of the countries around the world that boast a unique version of this cheese and noodle mixture.

Evokes Feelings of Nostalgia

Remember when you were a kid and your mom whipped up a special batch of mac-n-cheese? Or, was it your grandma who made her signature recipe for the holidays? Everyone gathered at the table eating, laughing, and sharing stories. No other time in your life can compare. And, now, every time you dig your fork into a steaming, hot, gooey plate of mac-n-cheese you are instantly transported to “better days.” (This is, of course, assuming your family all got along for the holidays. But, hey childhood memories always seem skewed, right?)

Lifts Us Up When We Are Down

Feeling a little down in the dumps? Nothing warms your heart and soul, plus lifts your mood like a bit of comfort food. And, mac-n-cheese is the quintessential comfort food. If you don’t feel better after treating yourself to a huge helping of this winning cheese and pasta combination, then, well, maybe nothing will help.

At Chad’s we all agree on one thing: We heart mac-n-cheese! So much so, that we make it from scratch every day. It is one of our menu staples that folks both love to enjoy with a BBQ platter or alone. Craving something yummy and comforting? Come on in and order up some deliciousness!