You Know You’ve Worked in a Restaurant When …

Working in the restaurant industry is a right of passage for some. For us, it’s our life long passion. Whether it’s our career or a part-time job, there are some universal truths. For starters, restaurants have their own lingo. While it makes us more efficient at what we do, it can also find itself in our everyday conversations. If you ever said ’86’ in response to anything not having to do with menu items, you know what we are talking about. Or if you know POS doesn’t mean you are a bad person but is about how customers are rung up – well you get the picture. Here are also some funny and very true ways you know you’ve worked in a restaurant:

Hoarding Pens is Real Life

Servers have real feelings about their pens. They have favorites and just because they stayed stocked, doesn’t mean they will share. We also find them everywhere. Car, house, laundry, you name it.

Cash is Life (Especially Singles)

Need singles? We have plenty. You can’t call yourself a server if someone looks at you weird for all the one-dollar bills you have in your wallet.

Tetris Has Nothing on Your Plate Stacking Skills

And subsequently, feel like a ninja if you catch something before it falls.

Right Before You Fall Asleep You Realize You Forgot Something

Did you or didn’t you give the customer that extra side of fries? Also, why do these details come to us right before we go to sleep?!

Co-Workers Become Like Family

Seriously. You love them and then they can drive you crazy. But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Deep Understanding of Non-Slip Footwear

They might not be pretty but they aren’t cheap either. You have learned the hard way to get ones that last and don’t kill your feet too much.

Holidays and Weekends Have Different Meanings to You

Our weekends aren’t Saturday and Sunday, sometimes they take place on Tuesday and Wednesday. Bank holidays? What are those?

Sitting Down to Eat Feels Weird

Even if you can, it just doesn’t feel right. Doesn’t every eat and run?


There Are Always Customers That Make You Love What You Do

While we all hear the horror stories (and there are always those people) there are also some great ones. At Chad’s, we are lucky to have so many amazing regulars. As servers, we’ve all had those moments when we remember why we do what we do.