Chad’s BBQ Catering Packages Explained

We might be small, but that doesn’t mean we can’t go big – or really any size. If you have a special occasion coming up, Chad’s can do the cooking! We have three types of catering options. Let’s talk about what menus might work best for you and explain our catering packages.

Our 3 Catering Menu Types

Chad’s offers an array of services, delicious food options, and combined menu types for your BBQ catering needs.

1. Catering Packages Menu

We make it easy with four different mouthwatering catering packages. They range in your choice of meats, potato buns, and sides.

  • Package 1: One Meat Spread – Choose from a 6 oz pulled pork or 2 Kielbasa or half chicken (mixed light and dark options). It comes with potato buns and a choice of two sides.
  • Package 2: Two Meat Spread – Choose two types of meat from the pulled pork, hot links, or quarter chicken (mixed light and dark options). This also comes with potato buns and any two sides.
  • Package 3: Three Meat Spread – Comes with pulled pork, kielbasa, quarter chicken (mixed light and dark options), potato buns, and a choice of two sides.
  • Package 4: Ribs and One Meat – Get 3 ribs with a choice of one other meat: pulled pork, 1 Kielbasa, or quarter chicken (mixed light and dark options). And, of course, our potato buns and choices of two sides.

Dive into the details here, including price, meat, and side availability, and you might think of adding one of our yummy desserts!

2. Family Meal Menu

Not needing a large catering package? We got something perfect for small gatherings or larger family meals. Our Family Meals are always a big hit with our dine-in and pick-up customers. With Chad’s Family Meals, you have three options:

  • #1 Pulled Pork BBQ: Comes with 1 lb of pulled pork with a choice of sauce, four potato buns, and 2 16 oz. sides. Feeds a small family of 3-4.
  • #2 Chicken and Ribs: A full rack of spare ribs and one whole chicken (halved) with three medium 16 oz. sides and 3 pieces of cornbread. Feeds 5 to 6 people.
  • #3 Chad’s BBQ Feast: Get it all, the rack of ribs, whole chicken, and 1 lb of pulled work with 4 Kielbasa links, 3 16 oz. sides, and four pieces of cornbread. This comfortably feeds 10 to 12 people.

They are simple, affordable, and takes the thinking out of it on a crazy day. These are perfect for busy families.

3. Custom Catering Menus

Last but not least, we do custom menus. Not seeing exactly what you want? Our custom catering allows you to have more control over the menus. We work with you to make sure you have all your likes, dislikes, and food allergies taken into count. This an excellent option if you want to expand beyond our catering package selections.

Our Catering Services

Catering services are how we present you the catering packages. We give options to make it easier for everyone. So, just like our catering packages, we have three options when it comes to our catering services. Some catering services are exclusive to the type of menu you decide on.

  • Option 1: Our full-service option includes a fully staffed event for a minimum of 25 people, and Chad’s will handle set-up, clean-up, and serving your guests.
  • Option 2: We provide delivery and set-up service for orders that meet the $200 minimum, and other delivery fees are applied depending on the mileage. Inclusive items are plasticware, cups, and chafer sets for your event.
  • Option 3: You pick up. Easy and available with every menu option. This is typically done with our Family Meals but can be done with other packages as well.

From the main dish to the minor details, Chad’s will assist you in making your event successful.

Chad’s Catering Packages Are Perfect For You

We are an expert and qualified catering service that offers a range of services and catering packages. Our variety of options makes it easy to fit your and your guests’ needs.

Working with our experienced and reputable catering staff will save you stress, time, and money. You can submit a catering request online. We look forward to giving you your dream BBQ catering event.