Who is Terry White?

Have you ever wondered who the smiling face is greeting you from across the bar when you enter Chad’s dining room? It is Terry White. You might say that Terry has inadvertently become the voice and face of the lunchtime dining room. Some claim she is as famous around town as Chad’s Award Winning Wings. She would blush from embarrassment if she heard anyone say that, though.

Terry White at Chad's BBQ in Edgewater, Maryland

Terry White has been working with Sargent family for over 8 years. She first started working with Chad’s father, Rick when Chad’s BBQ opened in June of 2013.

So, who is Terry White?

Terry White has been working with Sargent family for over eight years now, first with Chad’s father, Rick. Ever since Chad’s BBQ opened in June of 2013, Terry has been there. It is apparent when you see Chad and Terry working together that they have a mutual trust and respect for each other. It is like an elegant dance in an old Hollywood movie. The two move gracefully through the restaurant preparing fo the opening, dashing around, never getting in each other’s way, as they both know the dance steps by heart after years of careful and steady practice.

Every day is different. I have my regulars, but every day is surprising. I meet people from all walks of life.”

A Second Family

Terry worked in restaurants for years in the DC Metro area, serving and managing. Over 20 years ago her family moved from PG County to Edgewater, and she decided to stay home and raise her daughters. Once the girls were in school and growing a bit older, she began working for Chad’s father. Quickly the regulars became big fans of her smiling face and jovial manners. She strives to treat everyone, not as a customer, but as she would a guest in her house, anticipating their every need. Witnessing her work, you understand this comes easily to her. She says the restaurant is like her second home. One regular customer that Terry has come to befriend is Governor Larry Hogan.

He was just a regular guy to all of us. He used to stop by here on his way home after to traveling. It was his place to relax.”

She was amazed when she heard he was running for governor. She always thought he was a great guy, but didn’t realize his political aspirations.

Excellence in Everything

The next time you get a hankering for our famous delicious BBQ and a cold drink, stop in and see Terry. She will gladly mix up her famous margaritas for you, using all finest ingredients and top-shelf tequila.

Just like the food, Chad insists upon using the best and freshest products, even for drinks. We always have a fantastic selection craft beers.”

Terry works every Tuesday from open to close. Otherwise, she is there Wednesday through Friday, from 11 AM to 4 PM. Come in and share a smile and a laugh while enjoying delicious BBQ and the best chicken wings in Edgewater and Annapolis!